May The Fox Be With You

"You were once wild here, don't let them tame you."

-Isadora Duncan

He’s always worn that grin. Always. You know the one. […] It’s part strategy. I’m sure of that. It’s his way of telling the world, ‘Everything is good … you’re not going to get me.’

Gally! That’s my baby. He’s one of my top 10 favorite Habs players of all time. 

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Guys Montreal got whUPPED SO BAD tonight. Send me funny videos to cheer me up.



realitymonster replied to your post: “Lord. I’ve had a headache since I had a beer with dinner. No more beer…”:

I’m the same. Drinking beer kills me, even though wine or spirits are just fine.

Like I can drink hard liquors no prob but beer just screws me up

You might have a beer allergy! I am allergic to hops and cannot drink beer without a reaction. If I have one glass, it’s usually a headache and stomach disruption. Any more than that and I will get hives and vomit. Sometimes it comes with breathing difficulty. So! I had to take up drinking beer without hops. 




Picked this little guy up last night on behalf of Sydney Fox Rescue. This years theme for names has been Harry Potter, so meet Diggory! He’s now on his way to the shelter in Sydney for all his vet work and life as a rehomed fox to begin.

Let’s hope he’s not the last ever fox to be rescued in this country. Don’t forget to sign the petition:

Pardon me if I sound a little crass but isn’t this a little selfish?
The purpose of the petition is to fight against a bill that is trying to fight against the invasive fox species, and the reason for fighting it is so that people Nd rescues can continue to own pet foxes…?
If foxes are decimating native wildlife populations, why would someone want to allow the legal owning of foxes as pets?
We’ve seen what happens when people legally owned raccoons in Japan - they just release them into the wild later on when they can’t handle them. In what way will fighting this bill stop fox owners from releasing their pets into the wild?

If it means saving native wildlife species in Australia, I have to say I’m all for the bill. The cons of foxes in the wild is more important than the pros of owning a fox as a pet.

The situation in Japan is very different, though. Those were just random pets brought from various sources by people who had no idea what they were doing. The homes selected for these foxes are very tightly controlled by Sydney Fox Rescue. Potential owners have to go through training classes and prove they can provide secure housing so there’s no chance of escape. All foxes are also de-sexed and microchipped. I believe they also keep up to date with all their adopted foxes to ensure they’re still being cared for correctly. There really is no chance of these foxes ending up in the wild and causing a problem because SFR make sure that wont ever happen.
SFR aren’t against controlling foxes. They fully support humane, lethal control methods to protect native species. The petition isn’t about stopping foxes from being killed, it’s just about allowing SFR to continue offering an alternative form of control for orphaned cubs.




Oh Tumblr friends, how do you deal with the embarrassment of having a racist and homophobic relative???

It’s worse when it’s your parents.

My parents are fundamentalist Christians who believe homosexual behavior is sinful. It takes a tremendous amount of patience to know…

That’s the worst. They act like you’re an idiot and only they have the “informed opinion”. So every dissenting argument you have is invalid.
My cousin is an extreme racist, who masquerades as “just someone who calls it like they see it”. She actually called the Ferguson protesters thugs today on Facebook and I finally had to call her out and ask her what she’d call a white protester. When I said “a sports fan”, she lost it. So did all her very racist friends. I expect to have a dead animal mailed to me any day. 

Oh Tumblr friends, how do you deal with the embarrassment of having a racist and homophobic relative???

If it helps any, half the people I tell I have a pet rabbit to joke about eating and/or skinning him. I don't know wtf is wrong with people or what kind of enjoyment folks get out of talking about destroying a living thing someone else loves.

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If it’s outside dog/cat/bird/goldfish territory, people will be dicks about it in some way. I couldn’t have a pet crawfish as a kid without every relative telling me in detail how they’re eaten, as if I didn’t already know that and would find it funny or interesting somehow.

I get so many quips about people eating Kaiju. As if I wasn’t already aware that crayfish are edible?

People used to constantly joke “When your fox dies, can I have it’s pelt” or “that looks like something I’d have shot, trapped, etc.”. It’s really annoying. And hurtful. Once a relative texted me a picture of a fox dead on the side of the road and said “Vader’s cousin didn’t make it” like what the fuck.





Goopy gross slimy monsters 

You know what I hate? When people post these gorgeous photosets and don’t include the names of the films. I see a Blob, The Fly, The Thing, Ghostbusters, and Slither, but I can’t place the rest of them.

I NEED THESE GLORIOUSLY HIDEOUS MONSTERS IN MY LIFE. Tumblr, I know someone out there can help me, what are the missing titles?

I’ll help: The Deadly Spawn, From Beyond, Hedorah and I think the lake blob from Creepshow 2.

hobbit-queen you are a perfect sunflower

The Creepshow 2 one is from the bit entitled “The Raft”. One of my fave Stephen King shorts. ALSO THE THING IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE. 

6,000 Follower Giveaway!


Did you hear? We hit 6,000 followers last night! We’re super excited, so it’s time to give away some fox stuff! If you’d also like to win stuff for your furry friend, check out our pet giveaway here.
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Hey! Do you guys remember this contest? I’m opening it back up! Only now, we’re gonna just call it our…11,425 followers giveaway. The drawing will be on October  19th! Reblog to your heart’s content.

EDIT: I totally forgot I drew original winners for this the first time around. Those of you that won, please message me! I will send you your prizes.

I was tagged by rollingdownshadylane on my personal blog, but I decided to do it here instead. In the words of the Eagles…GET OOOOVER IT.

Rule 1: always post the rules.

Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones. 

Rule 3: tag and link 11 people.

Rule Number 4: tell them you tagged them.

Now YOUR questions!

1. What is your favorite Pokemon?
A) Because he looks cool, also electricity.
B) In Pokemon Puzzle League for the N64, he just screams JOOOOLT like he’s constipated and it’s great. 

2. Choose one: Marvel or DC?

3. Who is your favourite superhero?
Aquaman. Fight me. 

4. What is your favourite animated movie?
The Emperor’s New Groove

5. Would you prefer to live in a city, a suburb, or in the middle of nowhere?
The middle of nowhere!

6. You’re walking in the woods, there’s no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot him - Shia Labeouf - what do you do?!
Ask him how he maintains such a fabulous white boy perm, followed by the more serious question of how it was to work with Optimus Prime. 

7. Has any book/movie/TV show/whatever absolutely torn your feels to shreds and then lit the pieces on fire? Something you still haven’t recovered from? If so, name them
Any movie where a dog dies. ALSO the scene in Four Brothers where Garrett Hedlund’s character gets shot like 47 times. I cried a lot. 

8. If you had an unlimited budget, where would you go on vacation and why?
Germany! My grandmother on my dad’s side spoke German for most of my childhood- and my dad used to curse in it when he got upset.  I’d like to trace my family roots over there and learn more about the culture.  

9. If you could go back and change something in your life, would you?
I would go back to my high school days when I first found out I had scoliosis- and I’d make my younger self wear my back brace more.

10. What is/was your best subject in school? Your favorite?
Best? English/Composition. 
Favorite? Anatomy.

11. You just bought a container of neopolitan ice cream, which flavor do you go for first? Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? 
Trick question. I throw the Neopolitan ice cream out the window because it’s gross and I eat a carton of Rocky Road. 

Time to tag 11 people!

Um…I…I am just so lazy. If you feel like answering these, DOOOO ITTT.

And now, for their questions!

1. If you could have any mythical creature as your loyal and constant companion, what would it be?

2. What’s your favorite documentary?

3. What’s the last movie you watched in theaters that made you leave pretending you were still in that universe? 

4. If you have Netflix, what are the first 5 movies in your Instant Queue? If you don’t, what are 5 movies you could watch over and over again no matter how many times you’ve seen them?

5. If you were to ride into battle on the back of the mythical creature from #1, what you be your theme song?

6. What do you think your Patronus would take the form of? Why? If you’ve never read/seen Harry Potter, which animal do you feel you identify with the most and why?

7. If you could go back in time and live among any past civilization/empire (without fear of any sort of persecution for any reason), which would you choose and why?

8. If you play video games, what game are you guilty of always comparing all others of the same genre to? If you don’t- replace “game” with movie or tv show. 

9. There are a lot of celebs out there that people are obsessed with. Is there one that you absolutely can’t stand, despite the hype?

10. Favorite snack food?

11. You’re stuck in a horror movie armed with only a lead pipe and a chainsaw (groovy). Which horror movie villian/creature/race would you prefer to be squaring off against? 

Have fun!

Any of My Followers Have Experience With Demodex?

Daisy has some hair loss around her eye (it isn’t spreading yet and it doesn’t seem to be causing her any discomfort). She was just at the vet, and they’re booked out like two months in advance, so I won’t be able to get her in for a while.  To me, it looks like the beginnings of Demodectic mange; have any of you dealt with Demodex before? If so, is there any home or OTC treatments we can use to at least stave it off until we can get into the vet? 

Thanks in advance!

In case any of you are curious as to what our life is looking like nowadays…Daisy is currently weighing in at an impressive 88lbs! She’s also developed a serious love for water. Any kind of water. Even the muddy gross kind at the Bark Park :|

Athena has lost a little weight, and is looking slim and trim on her new diet. We’ve also started training her to track- and let me tell you, chihuahuas make pretty good trackers!